(Color, 60 minutes, documentary)
by Olaniyi Areke and Sowbhagyalakshmi Areke

Picture of a man abusing a woman

SPOUSE ABUSE: A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE explores and exposes the agony of battered women, the way abuse is looked at around the world, the institutionalization of abuse by the society, the effects of domestic violence on children, and the legal and other solutions to prevent abuse.

Project highlights: "Spouse Abuse: A Global Perspective" is the first video documentary on spouse abuse to:

a) Present and discuss spouse abuse as a universal problem, and interview battered women from different racial, ethnic, educational, and economic background.
b) explore the causes, analyze the problem, and provide solutions to spouse abuse which is the most insidious form of violence experienced by women from different parts of the world.
c) not to use pseudonyms or silhouette battered women, but to use their real names and show their faces in order to reassure them that they do not have to be ashamed of having been a victim.
d) neither sensationalize the victims' experience nor denigrate their victimization, but rather depict the pain and pathos of women who suffer domestic violence in silence.
e) include male and female mental health professionals and women's organizations heads from different nationalities to analyze the problem from many different angles and to throw global perspective to the problem of spouse abuse.
f) analyze the causes of spouse abuse among immigrant and native population.
g) present numerous solutions to resolve this social problem, and give tips on how young women can avoid getting into abusive relationships.
h) offer ways to prevent abuse from happening, and to protect children from abusive situations.

Some of the topics discussed in this video are:

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